Fom easy drinking… to fine wines! On the left bank of the Rhône, the Crozes-Hermitage vineyard sits upon the 45th parallel. The largest vineyard amongst the northern appellations, the appellation is spread across 11 local authorities in the Drôme.

A prestigious cru, Crozes-Hermitage is available in red, made using Syrah grapes, and white varieties, made using Roussane and Marsanne. In this wine, Syrah provides a fine balance between fruits and tannins. The reds develop pleasing fruity notes, even if some winemakers choose to play upon a seductive robustness. Red Crozes-Hermitage wines are elegant, balanced, and a pleasure to drink.


The Cru’s red wines borrow from the Syrah. Gourmet and tender, they are dark red in colour and their nose brings aromas of red fruits and flowers. Able to be stored for an average period of time, Crozes-Hermitage can be enjoyed while young. The wine is fresh-flavoured during its first few years, but acquires notes of leather and spices of the years. The white wines, made from Marsanne and Roussanne, display a fine golden colour, and are fat in the mouth, yet dry and balanced. They give a pleasant floral nose that reveals nutty aromas.


The Crozes-Hermitage appellation was created in 1937. At the time it was restricted to the village whose name it assumed because of its plots that were awarded Hermitage AOC status. It was not until 1956 that the 10 surrounding local authorities were included in the appellation. Previously, the area was long covered in orchards (centre and south) or wilderness (north). It was only once the appellation was extended that the vineyards took hold.