Château Grillet


A rare creature! Château Grillet produces a unique wine that is, in many ways, almost mythical. Firstly, its 3.5ha make it the smallest AOC in the Rhône Valley.
Located on the right bank of the Rhône, its vineyards overhang the river forming the perfect amphitheatre: open to the South-East and bathed in warm sun. Only a single grape variety is planted there: the viognier. Its terroir is characterized by a light, fragmented soil rich in mica. Produced by a sole harvesting owner, this elegant variety is characterized by its aromas of honey and fruit (peach and apricot), blending a subtle acidity with resounding smoothness…


Château-Grillet is made exclusively from viognier, a robust grape variety. Rich in alcohol, it gives wine body and floral aromas (violet, hawthorn, acacia), and then, as it ages, honey, musk, and dried peaches and apricots. These are the final notes that best characterize wines from this AOC.


The vineyard has existed since Roman times, and is regularly mentioned in the chronicles of travellers and wine lovers of the 17th and 18th centuries! Today, the small but well known terroir has a single owner. Château Grillet was awarded AOC status in 1936.