Solving the Mysteries of Terroir

Discover Wine Uncovered’s Unique Wine Tour Approach

Olivier Hickman

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Let Wine Uncovered be your guide through some of the most beautiful vineyards in the Southern Rhône / Provence as you follow the grape’s progress, step by step from vineyard to bottle.

You can only truly appreciate the soul of a great French wine by visiting the vineyard in which it has its origins. It is amidst beautiful Provençal vineyards that I explain how the quality and characteristics and of the wines that you taste are derived from the unique “terroir” of each vineyard and the loving attention and toil of the vine-grower.

The Ultimate Wine Tasting Experience in The Heart of Povence

When talking about French wine it is impossible to ignore the notion of “terroir”, a concept that is shrouded in mystery and is responsible for much of the mystique surrounding French wine. Yet it is the influence of vineyard terroir that marks the enormous cultural difference between wines made in France and wines produced in the rest of the world.

So what exactly is “terroir” and how does it influence wine? Wine Uncovered gets to grips with this elusive concept and demonstrates, in a fun and accessible way, how different terroir, grape varieties, vine-growing and winemaking methods determine the wines that you taste.

Each Wine Uncovered tour compares wines from different leading Domaines:

* Visit stunning vineyards to appreciate the “terroir” and its influence on the wines we taste.
* Understand how the growers work their vines to yield the best possible grapes.
* Appreciate the differences between the Rhône grape varieties.
* Visit the cellars to appreciate to local approach to winemaking.
* Understand the local “appellation” system and wine labelling.
* Taste some of the finest wines from the Southern Rhône.

Vineyards of Séguret Vaucluse

My tours are conducted in English and cater for all wine-drinkers, from those who know very little about wine, to enthusiasts seeking to broaden their understanding. As I only take very small groups, my relaxed and informal tours can be tailored to suit each individual, as introductory or as in depth as you require.

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