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Domaine des Accoles Chapelle des Accoles 2012

Grenache, Carignan, Cabernet, Syrah, Couston, Auben, Cinsault & Aramon

Biodynamic producer in Ardeche.

Notes of black fruit, faded roses, violets and spices, with supple, gourmand tannins. Caresses the palate.


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Producer profile

Domaine des Accoles is a family adventure, led by its partners, Florence and Olivier Leriche. The two studied together, first in Bordeaux, then in Dijon: Olivier in viticulture and oenology, Florence in plant protection. In 1998, they discovered the terroirs of Burgundy. This was followed by 13 years at the helm of Domaine de l’Arlot, in Nuits-Saint-Georges, under the banner of whole harvest, then biodynamic viticulture. Burgundy is beautiful and welcoming, but the family roots are in the Rhône Valley, from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean. In 2005, Florence and Olivier bought an old house to renovate, near Privas. Little by little, they began to discover the terroirs of the Ardèche. In 2010, vines are for sale in Saint-Marcel d’Ardèche… Old vines, grouped vineyards…. Ideal conditions for setting up an organic and biodynamic estate…
Domaine des Accoles Chapelle des Accoles 2012
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