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“We sincerely appreciate the high level of service you offer our clients and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about suggesting your tours. We know how pleased our clients will be and how their time with you will be a special part of their time in Provence. Every good wish, Kelly Bateman”

Tour: Gigondas & Châteauneuf-du-Pape

WU Clients: Sandra Myers & Don Walker, USA

Salut! We have just got back from our whirlwind visit to France and I wanted to let you know that we found the St Gayan Gigondas in our local wine shop! How easy was that! Needless to say, we bought a case. Thank you so much for our wonderful day with you. It was the highlight of our trip. Don & I have been on numerous wine tours before, particularly in Napa, but our tour with you was something special. Thank you! Sandra Myers p.s. thanks also for the lunch recommendation at Les Florets. The food was to die for!

Tour: Châteauneuf-du-Pape

WU Clients: Chris Flynn & Wendy Jones, UK

Dear Olivier, Just to thank you for last Monday’s very stimulating tour of the vineyards of Grand Veneur and De la Janasse. We learn something on each occasion with you. Fortunately some is retained. See you in June with luck.

Best Regards, Chris Flynn & Wendy Jones

The Tours

Tour: Full Day Tour

WU Clients: Adam & Ashley Ross, USA

Hi Olivier – Thank you again for a very informative and detailed tour of the many wineries we visited.  It was a delight to meet you and would definitely recommend you and beautiful Avignon to our friends. We just received an email regarding our wine order ?and very much looking forward to receiving it next month. A picture to remember us! Warm regards, Joan and Reg Suyat

Tour: Three wine estate tour

WU Clients: Jill Finnan family (8 guests), Australia

Hi Olivier. Just want to say a big thank you for yesterday. Everyone loved it and we were all surprised by how much we didn’t know! It was a perfect day even with the weather. Your knowledge and obvious love of terroir made it a very interesting experience. Thank you so much. Regards, Jill

Tour: Full Day History of Provence & Wine Tour, September 2015

Justfrance.com Clients: Cheryl Ellis + three, USA

Olivier & Janet – Thank you both so much for a thoroughly enjoyable day. It exceeded our expectations! And I am copying Kelly on this note as well, so that she knows how highly we recommend the experiences we had with each of you. First, we had no idea the extent of the historical significance of Vaison and we are even happier that we chose this location, after hearing all the great stories from Janet. Her command of the subject is truly impressive and provides great context for fully enjoying this area. As for Olivier, his wit and humor, combined with his knowledge of wine, and description and importance of the terroir, helped us to further appreciate the wonderful wines we tasted. Both of you are a true pleasure to spend time with and learn from. We truly appreciate your getting our week off to a great start. Cheryl Bonini Ellis

Tour: Full Day, May 2015

WU Clients: Sarah and Clayton Marshall, USA

Hi Olivier, Clayton and I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the absolutely incredible experience in Provence. We have made it safely home and still are in awe of the experience we had with you and the rest of our little group. This was by-far one of the very best moments of our trip! Thank you so much for the passion and energy you put into making our tour excellent. We both learned so much and are excited to continue exploring French wine here in Texas (we even found some Roquefort cheese to pair with our heavy or sweet wines!!) Thank you for making this experience unforgettable! -Sarah and Clayton Marshall

Tour: Full Day Tour October 2015

WU Clients: Adrienne & Mick Pryor, New Zealand

Dear Olivier, Mick and I just wanted to say a great big Thank you so much for a fantastic day out on Monday 12 October. We thoroughly enjoyed the day, Scott & Molly, Mark and Mike were good fun to share the tour as well.We really did learn lots and I have written a review of the day on Trip Advisor- my name on Trip Advisor is Popette2014. It should get published within 48 hours.. You were spot on when you said I’d like the Alain Jaume Chateaneuf -du- Pape La Fontaine 2013, we enjoyed a bottle last night, it was absolutely superb  and I hope we can source it in New Zealand. Many Thanks once again .Warm Regards, Adrienne & Mick?￰

Tour: Three Wine Estate Tour, Oct 2015

WU Clients: Tommy Boecker + six, Sweden

Hi Olivier. Now we have returned back to Sweden from Banyuls via Barcelona. We have had a good time in Banyuls with walking in the hills, eating lovely food and drinking local wines, mainly based on Grenache. Thanks to you also the stay in Rhone district really became something to remember. With your excellent guiding we got the most out of it. Best Regards, Tommy

Tour: Three wine estate tour, September 2015

WU Clients: Richard & Caroline Yates, UK

Olivier: Thanks for the great tour last week. It was just the right amount of information, reality, and fun. We ended up dining at Les Florets that Wednesday evening and had a lot of fun with a simultaneous side by side of Garrigue’s 2013 Gigondas and a 2009 Vaqueyras old vines. Thanks again and Caroline and I look forward to another session with you in the next couple of years (perhaps with some Provencal cooking lessons thrown in). Cheers, Richard Yates

Tour: Full Day Tour, June 2015

WU Clients: Sheera & Zac Gross, USA

Thanks so much for the very fun, interesting and informative wine tour! Zack and I have been commenting on how much we learned! We were discussing how much these wines would cost in the US so we looked up all of the wines we bought when we got home. They don’t seem to sell most in the us except the Alain jaume wines. The chateauneuf du pape we bought for 20 euros sells for an average of $60! So you should tell your other US clients to stock up!


Tour: Full Day Tour November

WU Clients: Stephen and Judy Galvin, USA

It seems only yesterday that we were visiting wineries in the Southern Rhône with you.I had planned to sort through all my photos and send some to you right after our trip to France. Sadly, Paris and now San Bernardino intruded and pushed my plans out of mind. Both frightening events left me resolved to move forward in life and not let terror keep me from the things that are meaningful to me. So call this a little gesture of defiance to the terrorists. I hope you enjoy these photos and I hope you are enjoying the good wines of Gigondas, Chateanueuf-du-Pape and Rasteau to name a few. Stephen and Judy Galvin

Tour: Full day tour, October, 2016

WU Clients: Mr & Mrs Stephen Molnar, Canada

Olivier … My wife and I have arrived home safely in Canada and are still discussing the wonderful day you assisted with in Provence. It was a special way to experience the local traditions and savour some fine wines. Thanks for your spirit and professionalism. We enjoyed our day very much and will keep this in mind if we travel to the area again in the future. Merci! Stephen B. Molnar

Tour: Full Day Tour May 2016

WU Clients: Michael Baumann & Crosby Elliot, USA

Olivier – We just wanted to thank you again for the tour last week, which was the highlight of our trip to France. Our day exploring the southern Rhone was amazing – we learned a ton, and had a great time doing it.. I just finished posting our TripAdvisor review of the day, just to add to your great reviews that you already have. You have my dream job!!!!! -Mike and Crosby

Tour: Full Day History of Provence & Wine Tour, June 2016

WU Clients: Gary Weinberg + eleven, USA

Olivier, thanks to you and Janet for your hospitality and wonderful tour. You both are fabulous. We all enjoyed our experience. Thank you for all your knowledge and how you convey it. We are a tough crowd and you did great with us. Please send me the link for where you would like us to review you both. Hugs from your Kansas friends. Gary


Tour: Half-day tour, Gigondas, Sept 2016

WU Clients: Kara Sharpe + 1, USA

Hi Olivier, Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for having us last week! We really enjoyed the morning tour and hope we make it back soon to do a full day – even as total wine “newbies” we had a lot of fun picking up information and enjoying the experience. Cheers, Kara



Tour: Residence Tasting (five groups of 12)– Night before wedding, July 2016

WU Clients: Julia & Jules Phelps + sixty others! UK

Hi Olivier, Thanks so much for the wonderful tasting you put on for us on Friday night. Everyone had a great time and learnt so much! We really appreciate all the hard work organising this special evening for our wedding guests. Here’s a picture for you. Julia



Tour: Full Day Tour, October 2016

WU Clients: Adam & Ashley Ross, USA

Olivier, Ashley and I wanted to say thanks for a great tour the other day. It was definitely one of the high points on our France vacation and we really appreciate it. We’ll definitely be coming back to the area and hope to book another tour with you in the future and will recommend to any of our friends should they head your way. Thanks again, Adam & Ashley


Tour: Full Day Tour, September 2016

Sharon deRham Clients: Joe Timms plus three, Canada

Hi Olivier. Thanks again for a wonderful day. We learned a great deal, tasted some beautiful wine and had a lot of fun with you and the other group. We will highly recommend you to any friends coming to Provence. Best of luck with the new wine venture you were mentioning. Cheers!


Tour: Half-day tour Gigondas & Seguret

WU Clients: Edward Griggs, + two USA

Oliver. Thank you again for a great tour and for giving us a much better understanding of the various aspects of wine making, taking the terror out of terroir. We had an excellent lunch at O’Rabasse yesterday thanks to your recommendation. Thank you, Edward


Tour: Full Day Tour, October 2016

WU Clients: Katherine & Phil Niehaus, USA

Hi Olivier – Katherine and I really enjoyed our day with you a couple of weeks ago. I learned quite a bit and more importantly, greatly enjoyed the wines I picked up while on the tour. Best regards, PN


Tour: Half-day tour Rasteau & Vacqueyras, Sept 2016

WU Clients: Michael Somerville + family, Scotland

Hi Oliver, Everyone enjoyed the day greatly, very comprehensive and informative. Thank you, Mike


Tour: Full Day Tour, Sept 2016

WU Clients: Sylvie & Gilles Langis, Quebec

Olivier, Thank you for an informative and entertaining day! Here are a few photos I took of our wine tour. Sylvie


Tour: Full Day Tour, June 2015

WU Clients: Mcnulty family, USA

Hi Olivier. Just wanted you to know my grandkids and partners raved about your wine tour and you. Kellie and I will certainly recommend you to any of our friends and her clients who are coming to this area. Thanks for showing them such a great time. Shirley Mcnulty