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Domaine Le Clos des Cazaux Les Grains de Novembre

100% Grenache Blanc (noble rot)

Clay-limestone slopes when morning humidity gives way to dry heat that gives “good” noble rot where the grape shrinks (thus concentrating its sugars), but is not broken (which would give “bad” grey rot). These climatic conditions only happen in certain years.

A real treasure! This wine is only produced in certain years where climatic conditions give rise to noble rot on the Grenache Blanc grapes. Rigorous hand selection, passing through the vines three or four times in November give rise to this exceptional wine. Golden orange in colour. The first impression of the bouquet is that it is explosive and marked by the waxy aromas characteristic of botrytised harvests. We then come back to the classic aromas of the Grenache Blanc which are apricot, pear and passion fruit. The entry onto the palate is powerful and lively. The mid-palate is opulent. The aromas of apricot, pear, and then caramel and toast are of a rare intensity. The finish is unctuous
and marked by an interminable persistence of aromas and a delightful sugar/acidity balance.


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Producer profile

Domaine Clos des Cazaux has been growing wine for five generations and is based on two families, the Vaches and the Archimbauds. The domaine is now run by two brothers, Jean-Michel and Frédéric Vache. Their ancestor, Gabriel Archimbaud was the first to bottle wine in Vacqueyras. Gabriel created Le Clos des Cazaux in 1936. Today the domaine cultivates 48 ha (122 acres), of which 24 ha are in Vacqueyras, 20 ha are in Gigondas and 4 ha are in Côtes du Rhône. The Gigondas terroir is located on the small section of the appellation that is south facing which brings riper, bigger fruit than is generally found in the other wines of the appellation. Cazaux’s Gigondas soils are very high in limestone content which underpin a great mineral edge to their two cuvées. The Prestige cuvée made from old vines is partially aged in oak which provides additional complexity without over-powering the expression of terroir in the wine.
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