AOC Gigondas

The commune of Gigondas

The commune of Gigondas “Les Dentelles de Montmirail”, located in Provence, stretches 8 km from North to South, from Romane to Montmirail, and 6 km from East to West, from the Dentelles to Ouvèze.

Its total area of 2,714 hectares; is distributed as follows:

1 300 ha of vines, classified as A.O.C. Gigondas, 1 214 Ha of woods and forests; and 200 Ha of buildings, and roads.

Gigondas vineyards are located in and around the stunning Dentelleds de Montmirail hills. Thes hills extend from North to South, between Vaison-la-Romaine and Carpentras, and consists of 3 small chains of calcareous and shredded rocks. It is a marvel of nature which constitutes in the village, an exceptional natural environment, much appreciated by hikers and climbers, botanists and painters, cyclists and riders.


A renownedVineyard

Concentration, balance, finesse: a Gigondas wine offers a rich bouquet, with fine and spicy aromas and a bright colour, ranging from ruby to dark garnet. The nose generally reveals a bouquet of red fruits ( dark cherry bigarreau, crushed strawberry) and very ripe black fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry). It evolves into wild notes of undergrowth and truffles. On the palate, Gigondas is full-bodied with a fleshy attack. Its complex terroir facilitates a diverse aromatic palette ranging between fruity aromas (prune, fig) and spicy notes (white pepper, garrigue, thyme, licorice).

By limiting the sunshine in the morning, the Dentelles considerably lengthens the maturation of Grenache Noir (a grape variety authorized to 80% maximum), releasing all the expression of its power in shimmering red wines with marked tannins, A great aptitude for aging. Syrah and Mourvèdre (15% minimum) enhance the garnet colour and spice in the aromas. All other grape varieties of the Côtes du Rhône appellation are authorized, with the exception of Carignan.

On the rosé side, Grenache noir is also allowed up to 80% maximum and all other grape varieties of the Appellation can be used, with the exception of Carignan in the maximum proportion of 25% of the vine variety.

White wine is not currently a permitted style, but the syndicate of Gigondas growers recently submitted an application to the national Appelletion authorities to include white wine as part of the cru.