AOC Vinsobres

Vinsobres or Sober Wine

“Vinsobres or sober wine, drink it soberly”: this was the motto of Monseigneur de Suarès (bishop of Vaison and a staunch fan of these wines) in 1633, describing this Cru from Drôme Provençal, a wine that is as balanced as it is aromatic. Passionately cultivated by young winemakers that brought with them new ideas from their travels, Vinsobres wines owe their richness to the assembly of the qualities of richly varied, complementary terroirs.

A fiefdom of the Montaubans, the dauphins, the Princes of Orange and Urre, Vinsobres was first settled by the Romans. The name Vinsobres comes from Vinzobrio, the oldest recorded version form from 1137. It comes from the pre-Celtic vintio (height), and the Celtic suffix briga (mountain).

Facing north-east and south-west, and reaching up over 500m, the terroir of the Vinsobres hills is characterized by an enormous diversity of soil which brings complexity and balance to the wines.


The AOC’s terroir is found between Valréas Miocene sedimentary basin, and that of Aygues basin – the Mediterranean mountain stream that is millions of years old, carrying large clastic rocks from the Alpine slopes.

The Côte du Rhône’s traditional grape, Grenache, represents 72% of plantations in the area. Syrah, a variety that is particularly successful on the cooler plots, represents 18%. Vinsobres balanced wines present silky, elegant tannins, guaranteeing excellent ageing. Fat, round, and long in the mouth, they are generous and full. They give aromas of fresh and cooked fruits. The young wines contain notes of cherry and blackcurrant, evolving into Morello cherry and blackcurrant jam, pepper, herbs, and spices.