Evening Rhône Wine

Tasting At Your Residence

The ideal Aperetif

The Southern Rhône Wine Discovery Tasting offers you the opportunity to discover and appreciate the wine culture of the region and the diversity of its wines without leaving your residence in Provence.

The Southern Rhône Wine Discovery is a tasting of eight selected wines from leading producers across the Southern Rhône appellation.

French wine production is focussed on the vineyard and what the terroir (growing conditions) brings to the wine, in particular the diversity of wine styles as each grower seeks to express their terroir in their wine. I contrast this approach to the more cellar-led approach prevalent in other regions where the winemaker is the star. In France, we talk more about “growing” wines and embracing the diversity that this brings, as opposed to “making” them in the cellar.



300 to 400 euros total

For up to 14 persons,

Depending on travel distance to your residence


As we taste the wines, I explain :

Local wine-growing culture – in particular the notion of “terroir”;

Rhône appellation: why and how the quality hierarchy is set up, and how this is reflected in the labelling of the wines;

Tasting characteristics of the numerous Rhône grape varieties;

Ageing potential of the wines;

Varying influences of the terroir and cellar methods on the wines that we taste;

Food and wine pairing – I supply a small selection of cheese to help us understand how the complexities and flavours of terroir wines can be enhanced and better appreciated with food.

Price includes

Eight wines, tasting glasses, three or four cheeses and wine information sheets. All the unfinished wine is left with you to enjoy during the remainder of your stay.

Start time and duration

Between 6pm and 6.30pm, finishing between 8pm and 8.30pm.

Any Prior Wine Knowledge Required ?

The tasting caters for all wine-drinkers, from those you know very little about wine, to enthusiasts seeking to broaden their understanding.


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